WPD & COVID-19 Crisis

The Wakefield Police Department continues to monitor the COVID-19 – Coronavirus, and is working closely with the Town Administrator, Fire department, Emergency Management Director and health officials. Public safety is our primary responsibility and we will always respond immediately to 911 emergencies and urgent calls for service. However, we are asking citizens to limit visits to the lobby of the Public Safety Building for non-emergency reasons.

During this national emergency, you may notice that officers are screening calls more thoroughly and taking reports over the phone for issues or incidents that we feel would not require a visit to your home. Some examples could be:

1. Neighbor disputes/civil matters
2. Calls for advice
3. Credit card / Identity theft

If you have a situation that can be resolved over the phone by speaking with a police officer, please call our business line at 781-245-1212.  Please continue to use 911 for all emergencies and medical calls.

When an officer does respond to your home, don’t be offended if we don’t shake hands, or even ask you to step outside to keep an appropriate social distance.

Firearms license applications can be found on our website, www.wakefieldpd.org, and can be mailed to the station to begin the process.

The residents of Wakefield have always been very generous to us, and it’s very much appreciated. However, we are unable to accept any kind of food or beverage brought to the station until this situation subsides.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these unprecedented times.