Behavioral Health Services


The Wakefield Police Department has used the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) model since 2011.  CIT is an organizational and community intervention that involves changes in police department procedures as well as collaboration with mental health providers and other community stakeholders. A group of officers volunteered to receive 40 hours of training provided by mental health clinicians, consumer and family advocates, and police trainers. The training included information on signs and symptoms of mental illnesses, mental health treatment, co-occurring disorders, de-escalation techniques as well as content related to developmental disabilities, older adult issues, and trauma.  CIT officers also obtain 8 hours of continuing education each year.  Additionally, all of our officers are trained and certified in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). 

We are fortunate to have a clinician from Eliot Community Human Services that is certified as a CIT Coordinator working with us on a full-time basis and provides oversight to our program while also  delivering specialized services to those in need.  When available, clinical outreach can be provided immediately or on a follow-up basis as needed.  Our clinician also works with local mental health providers as well as state and local agencies to provide the best environment possible for the community of Wakefield.  This co-response model has been used effectively by our department since 2011.

Jennifer Waczkowski, LMHC:         
339-219-4546 (office) / 339-223-1736 (cell)

We have also partnered with Eliot to provide a Recovery Outreach Coordinator who helps individuals navigate the care system, builds a relationship with each individual referred to the program, and helps to support their behavior changes in their journey toward recovery from substance use. This includes identifying treatment referral options for referred clients that address identified needs and preferences of the person served. Guidance and support will be provided in all phases of the recovery process in a strengths based fashion.  

Ms. Tracy Ascolillo Rizzo – Recovery Outreach Coordinator (Eliot Community Human Services):  781-879-2117

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