Wakefield Police Department Donates $5,000 to Jimmy Fund

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Chief Rick Smith is pleased to announce that the Wakefield Police Department recently donated $5,000 to the Jimmy Fund through their canister drive.

Wakefield Police, in collaboration with the Wakefield Chamber of Commerce, have placed canisters at checkout counters in stores throughout town to collect donations for the Jimmy Fund. 

In addition to her patrol duties, Officer Meaghan Roberto oversees the canister drive, distributing the canisters and periodically collecting their funds. Officer Roberto, in partnership with The Savings Bank and Wakefield Chamber of Commerce, ensures the donations reach The Jimmy Fund.

"We are proud to partner with The Savings Bank and Chamber of Commerce to ensure that local donations go to such a worthy cause," Chief Smith said. "I'd like to thank our citizens for their generosity and Officer Roberto for taking on this project in addition to her day-to-day patrols."

Jimmy Fund canisters can be found in many stores throughout Wakefield. Residents and shoppers are encouraged to look for the canister at their local checkout counter.

Merchants who wish to place canisters in their stores to collect donations for the Jimmy Fund are encouraged to contact Officer Roberto at 781-246-6321.